Special Linen Curtain Panels


Today we bring you a report of curtains, a theme that is present to us. And that is suitable for any room in the house. We are convince that linen curtain panels play a fundamental role in decoration. So they deserve special attention. At the moment of choosing a curtain they are the star. Not only because they are practical. But because they are the type of curtain with which we are almost never going to fail in their choice and easy to place.

In this variant we have different types: wood, metal, black iron. The fastening to these is done by means of hooks or clips attach to the linen curtain panels. The upper termination of the curtain can be gather, flat, with or without boards. The rail curtains are the best allies when there is not a short stretch between window and roof.

Compose of a rail and guides, where the curtain is hold by hooks. The system allows running them by a system of ropes that allow them to open and close them. As for the rails there are plastics (for lighter curtains) or metal (longer). Oriental panels: This type of linen curtain panels is “relatives” of the rails. Compose by a guide where they slide and are modulate with a counterweight rod at the bottom. In these also any genre is valid.


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