Some Types Sliding Door Curtain Rod


Window treatments come with several types for hanging hooks and loops for buttonholes and tabs. The style of items dictates what type of Sliding Door Curtain Rod you using. While a curtain with hooks only hangs from a bar, other types such as eyelets are design to have the bar of fabric through the openings. This means that you will have a treatment rod that you can replace as necessary so you can remove the buttonhole curtains for washing.

If the curtains are for a large opening like a sliding glass door, you will also need to get one that is large enough to cover the glass. Measurement is an obvious factor when you are trying to treat a sliding glass door style, as it is to keep the curtains away from the glass door along its match. While sliding door curtain rod need to longer to lengths. The rod are place too close to the glass door increasing the possibility that the treatment could get caught when opening or closing the glass door.

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Because it fits the tension sliding door curtain rod between the side of the door frame. The brackets with the rod to avoid the ends of the eyelet curtains slip, but if the bar only sits on the brackets and does not fit on the rod can slowly slide or pushed out of one of the brackets over time, with the repeated friction of the sliding curtains through.


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