Marble Shower Curtain Ideas


Marble Shower Curtain – Marble is a type of stone formed from limestone. Usually used in sculptures, it is also very popular in the kitchen and bathroom. If you love the look of marble and think about it for use in your shower, be aware that it is a high maintenance material as mineral deposits from the water can build up, along with soap scum. With this in mind, there are a number of marble shower ideas to consider.

Marble Entrance

You can still benefit from enjoying the appearance of marble around the shower without doing the high maintenance to keep it clean and free of mineral deposits and built up. Instead of using Marble Shower Curtain, if you have one that is built into the wall, make a large marble curve to borders the shower and doors. On either side, place high, marble columns. This will give your bathroom and shower area a Grecian look.

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Shower cabin

Build a walk-in Marble Shower Curtain for walls, floors and ceilings. In the shower, build a recessed shelf for shampoo and other toiletries should be stored. Place a bench in the corner for sitting or as a place for women to rest a leg while shaving. Tile the bench with marble as well. Use clear, glass doors and silver hardware for handles and shower fittings.


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