How to Make Curved Shower Curtain Rod


Curved Shower Curtain Rod – Making your own shower curtain rod will probably not save any money if you cannot find scrap because there are many shower curtains in the market for less than £ 6. The advantage of a do-it-yourself curtain rod is that you can match the bar to your interior and create something unique for your bathroom. This is a simple project, with the most challenging part to attach the shower drawer to the wall or ceiling so that they can handle the heavy pressures on the bar when the shower drawer is pulled back and forth.


Measure the exact distance your Curved Shower Curtain Rod will span. Select a material. You can make a shower curtain rod of any robust material that is long enough. Some possibilities are wood Deeming, PVC pipes, copper pipes, galvanized steel and black iron pipes. For wood Deeming or PVC pipes, you would need material at least one inch in diameter. For copper you would buy the tube at least 3/4 inch in diameter. Galvanized steel and black iron pipes can be 1/2 inch in diameter.

Research what type of Curved Shower Curtain Rod holder you will use. It can be something as simple and inexpensive as plastic closet pole copper. Or, you can use commercially available curtain rod holders, starting around £ 2 a set and getting up from there. Another option is to make your own bracket with the help of fittings. Also consider mounting your curtain rod from the ceiling using commercially available hangers. Determine how long the shower curtain rod needs to be, taking into account the proprietors you have chosen. Does your home improvement, plumbing or hardware store cut curtain rod to the right length.


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