Look Nice Gray and White Shower Curtain


Gray and white shower curtain – Many times we focus on the curtains of areas such as bedrooms, living room and kitchens. But the bathroom curtains are just as important as the others; they dress the room and give it personality. It is one of the most colorful elements of the bathroom; they can not be left in the background. Whether you have a bath or a shower , if you do not have a screen, you need to have a shower curtain .

Gray and white shower curtain should be light but just as sophisticated as the rest of the house. Some of the best fabrics are from cotton, linen or polyester. Cotton: It is one of the easiest materials to work with and use. They are very practical. Because they are quickly clean, provide heat, and dry the moisture of the bathroom very quickly.

Flax: It works perfectly when mixed with cotton, because it becomes much softer, while it only tends to be stiff and wrinkle easily. Polyester: gray and white shower curtain made of this material are easy to clean and do not wrinkle. Shower curtains, on the other hand, tend to be very funny in terms of design and materials. We are not talking about the traditional window curtains, but about a fabric that is waterproof, light and very striking.

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