Ideas to Cover a Double Shower Curtain Rod


Double shower curtain rod can add or decrease your overall bathroom design. Decorative rods can be expensive. Instead of buying a new one to replace it, cover up the ugly rods to fit into your interior design system. Plastic covers are available to fit over it. Dressing up old self guarantees you finish a finish that complements your shower curtain and the rest of your bathroom furnishings. Many shower curtains come with an attached coat that completely covers the bar. Modern and traditional styles are available. Voyager with curved edges or straight edges coatings adds a touch of romance to the bathroom. Another option is to glue waterproof fabric itself to the rod. Use new vinyl or cut an old shower curtain that matches the one you have to make sure it complements the colors in the space.

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Spray paint an old ugly double shower curtain rod so it looks brand new. Use outdoor paint to ensure it is durable and waterproof. Pick color that is intended for the bar specific type of material, whether it is metal, plastic or wood. Choose a color that complements or contrasts the curtain. Remove the end pieces and paint all three separate pieces individually to minimize the risk of staining. Paint patterns, such as colored rings or stars, on after base coat. Seal a spray lacquer when done.

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Hang up the double shower curtain rod with large hooks covering most of the surface of the bar. Fill the doors with hanging pendants, prisms or more decorative hooks. Wrap a washable scarf around the bar, looping it through the hooks for a draping effect. Do the same with a rubber or plastic belt that contains sequins or fake gems.


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