Ideas to Hang Lavender Shower Curtain


Lavender shower curtain – What is worse than getting out of the shower after drying out only to find that you have landed in a huge puddle of water? Hanging a shower curtain will not only give you privacy, while in the shower. It will keep the water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor. Take your shower curtain bought out of the package and I will put it to full speed on the floor.

Place the lavender shower curtain lining of the shower and place the wrong side of the shower curtain on top of the shirt. Align the holes in the top of the shower curtain with those on the top of the shirt. Insert the shower curtain rings through the holes in the shirt and shower curtain. Position the shower curtain rod through each ring. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the shower curtain rod. Insert the liner into the tub and position the curtain at the desired location.

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Lavender shower curtain liners can be hung on a separate bar if necessary. Most home improvement stores carry double or polygonal rods. While a decorative curtain ring can look great with the decoration of your bathroom, the most practical and easy to maneuver are the simple plastic rings that you can clamp together after inserting through the curtain of the shower curtain.


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