Ideas Corner Window Curtain Rod


Corner window curtain rod – Most corner windows will have slightly different measurements than windows found elsewhere. However, it is still possible to hang curtains over the windows. It only takes a little careful measuring and a little bit of pre-preparation. Decide if the curtains are hanging over the entire window, including where the window frame is attached to the wall, or simply on the window’s own glass.

Corner window curtain rod, carefully measure the area where the curtain will hang. Do not forget to allow hardware installation, as this can add up to an extra half-inch on both sides. Take measurements to where you can buy curtain rods and curtains. Find the elements that exactly match the measurements. It may be necessary to have the curtains made to measure, and the custom fit bars.

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Once the bars and curtains have been obtained, take the necessary hardware for the assembly of the corner window curtain rod, place it on the wall or part of the window frame where it has to be mounted, and mark the holes of the screws with a pencil. If possible, continue holding the hardware in place while drilling the screw holes. Then, if the drill you are using both drill the hole and place the screw at the same time, so much the better. If not, carefully drill the holes in the proper places, and then use the screwdriver to complete the assembly process.

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