Gold Curtain Rod for Steel Entry Door


Gold Curtain Rod – Wooden entry doors are still common, but many new passenger doors are made of steel. Although these doors provide the necessary security, if your door has a window and you need extra privacy, hanging a curtain rod can be difficult. If you have a steel door stall with a window, but do not want to drill holes in the door to mount a curtain rod, there are several options.

Magnetic curtains

A type of Gold Curtain Rod that you can use on a steel door is a magnetic curtain rod. The mounting equipment for these curtain bars uses magnets, instead of screws, to attach to the surface. These curtain rods are well suited for use with lightweight window treatments, such as lace or sharp spring, but some magnetic rods cannot support heavier treatments such as draperies.

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Window Frame Mounts

Another Gold Curtain Rod for a steel door is a curtain rod that is mounted in the windowsill. The mounting equipment for these curtain bars is the brackets placed over the corners of the windowsill and then tightened together. The adjustable curtain bar holder is screwed onto the mounting bracket, eliminating the need to screw into the window frame or door. This type of curtain rod can hold most types of window treatments, including heavy drapes.


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