Elegant And Wonderful Lavender Rug

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Lavender rug have a range of depths and light pastel shades of purple and lavender flowers only. This relaxing color creates a soft, romantic bedroom. Bring true stems of dried lavender in her room to create a finishing touch. Put these herbs in a vase on her dresser or use a ribbon to tie a basket of lavender stalks in four corners of bed posts.

Painting is one of most essential components of a lavender rug. Create a panoramic view of lavender painting walls a light pastel purple. Leave white ceiling and install white trim along top border of room. Use a deep shade of lavender to paint small flowers along border just below molding. You can paint pansies, daisies or almost any flower. You may want to put in different colors because thoughts also have spots of black and white in center. Some flowers are also a combination of light and dark purple tones.

Choose dark purple silk bed with white lace accents around border of quilt and pillow cases. You can also decorate with bedding with flower motifs. Purple curtains hung stark contrast against walls and match flower border. Search extra bedroom decor that matches your theme lavender rug . You can find purple accents like rugs or even a picture of a house with flowers around. Decorate with items that have various shades of light and dark purple.

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