Easy Diy Placing Brass Curtain Rods


Before placing brass curtain rods is to take measurements. If curtains will be collect on both sides, we must calculate space not only of window. But also what curtains collect on sides will occupy. From sum of three parts will come final result. If curtain is remove on one side only, you must calculate width of window surface, centimeters that curtain will take up on one side. And also a few centimeters on opposite side so that fabric covers window completely.

Once you have taken measurements, it will be time to place brass curtain rods. It is very important that you do it by placing bar about 10 or 15 centimeters away from window. Next, draw a straight line with level and meter marking some points at height where you will find fastening points of bar. Which must be at exact same distance from window frame. Drill marked points, place studs and screw curtain supports. Then, you can put curtain well centered.

If brass curtain rods are place on adjoining walls or on ceiling. You should not leave more than 10 centimeters away from wall of window. As for rings, they should be place with a separation of about 10 cm of fabric, approximately. If once placed the bar and hanging the curtain in it, you realize that it is too long and you need to reduce its length, do not miss the advice we give you in the article How to shorten a curtain.


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