Double Laundry Hamper For Wedding

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Double Laundry Hamper Black

Double laundry hamper for wedding guests are generally given by city guests when checking in their hotel. Gift basket that you put together can be filled with everything you think your guests will enjoy. Make all baskets the same or adjust them.


Help your out-of-town guests relax from a stressful day to travel by filling a double laundry hamper with different comfort items. Include bath salts, soft slippers or socks, lotion, tea and a relaxing music CD. Buy a gift card for a local spa so that they can participate in before the wedding celebrations begin. Book a block of time with the spa so your guests live on time. Fill a double laundry hamper of goods from the local area. Most of the guests coming in from out of town will not be familiar with the area, and a travel map would help them see the sights your city has to offer. Include chocolate or candy from a local candy shop, souvenirs from a local tourist hotspot and a bottle of wine from the local vineyard. Include tickets to tourist destinations or a carriage tour of the city.

Destination wedding

If you have a destination wedding, all your guests will travel to the place, including you. Select items that will be useful to them when in the area. For example, if you travel to a tropical island for your wedding, include sunscreen, beach towels, insect spray and a gift card for a valid local restaurant. If you are married in a cold area, including hand warmers, a scarf, hot chocolate and hearing protection.

Candy and Snacks

Make a double laundry hamper full of your favorite snacks. Your guests may be busy seeing the city and taking part in different wedding functions. A snack when they come back to their room will give them some down time to relax instead of having to worry about finding something to eat. Include your favorite cheese and biscuits, candy from a local candy store, bottled water and soda, and even cupcakes are similar to the cake you will earn on your receipt. As an extra touch, buy labels with a photo of the wedding couple and a special message to the guests and place them on different items.

Fill a double laundry hamper with spa items for girls who like to spoil themselves. Use a large basket for this gift so you can fit lots of items in it. First put a fluffy bathrobe in the basket. Have it monogrammed with her initials if you want to add a more personal touch. Then place other items inside the basket, such as face moisturizer, peeling cream, bubble bath, bath salts, a cool eye mask, and massage oil and manicure or pedicure necessities.Double wicker laundry basket,

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