Cute Elephant Shower Curtain


Elephant shower curtain – If we are renovating our bathroom. And we arrive at this eternal doubt, do not worry, it is normal. The screens and the curtains have fans and detractors in equal parts. The important thing is to know what will be more functional and what fits better in our new bathroom. We are going to analyze with what environment it goes better screens or curtains, depending on our space.

The elephant shower curtain is suitable for bathtubs of a more classic style or bathrooms with a large shower and a large space. They can infuse a lot of personality into your bathroom. The curtain can transform a small bathroom into a perfect bathroom for children. Then we will combine with different designs and printing personality in the bathroom through the curtain. for example: a map of the world or a periodic table.

If you do not want to paint or paste drawings on the elephant shower curtain. But you want to give it a creative touch you can use other tools. Such as buttons, fringes, pearls, glitter, decorative ribbons, etc. First you have to choose one or several accessories and then you have to put them with hot glue so that they adhere faster or sew them.

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