Curtain Brackets for Support Curtains


Curtain Brackets – The interior design options are rich and multifaceted. And although modern trends have markedly delayed traditional design, the classics will always have their followers. This can said about curtains, although many today seek to ennoble their homes with curtains or Roman, French and Japanese fashion blinds, the ordinary fabric curtains can still decorate any interior. And to make them even more exquisite, there are special devices – holders for curtains, which are also call with pick-ups.

First, they are need to cover and hold the curtain the way you want. In addition, podshvaty performs and aesthetic function – with such an accessory, your curtains and curtains will look much more interesting. To support the curtain stay hang, will needed curtain brackets. Brackets you can offer to make in a sewing workshop of the cloth left from the cut of curtains.

Brackets are generally made in the form of a knit braid with a flower ornament made in the same style. But there are, of course, much more complex products, in the open or with complex three-dimensional elements. Meanwhile, the holders in the form of laces do not look surprisingly, but their function is perform correctly. To make this accessory more elegant will help the use of elegant brushes, fringes or, conversely, coarse ropes. The main thing is that this curtain brackets fits well into the overall picture of the interior of the room.


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