Chic Shower Curtain Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Shower curtain ideas for small bathrooms – Due to its dimensions, the bathroom curtain is usually the focal point that we see the most when entering. Therefore, nothing better to renew the look of the bathroom than to give this element some special touches that complement its design. That renew it, and that give it that unique. And also original appearance that we seek to invite all the sanitary.

To add a front fabric shower curtain ideas for small bathrooms you must remove the plastic from its hooks. To take its dimensions. Cut out a decorative fabric in these same exact dimensions. Or larger towards the sides and down, but never smaller. And practice the same perforations. Or place the hook system in the same points as the plastic curtain. If in your bathroom you already have a fabric curtain. And would like to change its appearance. It will be even simpler: add decorative details.

If you are going to paint it, embroider it. Or complement its appearance with the patchwork technique, remove the curtain from its hooks to work better. You can also add “in situ” some flowers modeled on fabric, butterflies cut in hardened cloth, and even enlarge by joining together two different fabric shower curtain ideas for small bathrooms, intermixing strips of each, for a complete renovation without spending a penny.

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