Arts Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

Bathroom shower curtain ideas – Shower rods and curtains are staples in all types of bathrooms. While they are functional to keep water away from the floor and in the shower, they can look quite boring. One way to add style to your curtains is to buy rolling shades that you can use as a […]

Amazing Yellow Grey Shower Curtain

Yellow grey shower curtain – your bathroom is the room where you begin your day, and it should be more than a utilitarian place where you get things done. A quick way to give your bathroom a splash of color and design is through your shower curtain. You can go out and buy a new […]

3D Flral White Ruffle Shower Curtain

White ruffle shower curtain – curtain makes a design statement for windows and home. They can provide a background for the room or may be in focus as you build space design around. Curtains can completely change your room from normal to classy. There are many white ruffle shower curtain styles to choose from. And […]

Buy White Linen Shower Curtain

White linen shower curtain – A shower curtain liner is a must-have for any home, and it’s both a functional and a personal choice. Decorating your bathroom with a white shower curtain offers many possibilities. A white shower curtain will give the bathroom the illusion of more space. Since white airy reflects the light better […]

Amazing Small Shower Curtain

Small shower curtain – This time we return to focus on the bathroom decoration and we focus more specifically on one of its key elements the shower curtain. Decorating it can be a simple and fun way to give a unique style to your bathroom. Here we present a series of original ideas to decorate […]

Awesome Sloth Shower Curtain

The installation of sloth shower curtain is a simple job that can be completed without the need for tools or special skills. Standard shower curtain hooks are available in groups of twelve. The same amount as the number of holes or washers on top of a standard shower curtain. Double curtain hooks are available to […]

Nautical Stall Size Shower Curtain

Stall size shower curtain – It is more a question than an affirmation the title of this book of ideas. A question that answers why, in modern bathrooms, there is hardly any shower curtain? There are some possible answers; however, the bathroom curtain is still valid for use in the shower. Or for decorating windows, […]

Colorful Ticking Stripe Shower Curtain

Ticking stripe shower curtain – The touch of the shower curtain in the shower. The closing of the curtain to go deep into the shower, is unparalleled with any glass door. Of course, it often happens that the curtains need more care than glass. Including a periodic toilet that eliminates the dirt so spread in […]

Best Shower Curtains for Teenage Girl

If your bathroom is outdated, old or just boring, give it a taste with a homemade mosaic shower curtains for teenage girl. Full of color and striking prints, this curtain gives character even the softest shower cabin. Start by either shopping cloth or going through your leftovers; this project is an ideal way to use […]

Beach Shower Curtain Ideas

Shower curtain ideas – The shower curtain is one of the most integral accessories in your bathroom. And can easily become one of the most forgotten. Easy as it is simply to hang a plastic curtain and forget about it. That tactic deprives you of the opportunity to make any kind of decorative statement. By […]