Appealing Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas


Bathroom shower curtain ideas – Shower rods and curtains are staples in all types of bathrooms. While they are functional to keep water away from the floor and in the shower, they can look quite boring. One way to add style to your curtains is to buy rolling shades that you can use as a blank canvas. Male your favorite patterns and graphics. Use solids or stripes to suit your taste. Then for children’s bathrooms, the pictures can sponge-paint to create fish, duck or flowers.

For a minimalist and Asian look, use rice paper bathroom shower curtain ideas. They are not actual rice paper plates but are made of vinyl designed to resemble rice paper. The simplicity of plain rice paper curtains will mix well with any bathroom decor. For an all-white bathroom, plain rice paper curtains can create an overall peaceful atmosphere, giving your bathroom a spa-like appeal.

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For a more functional approach, buy mildew-resistant bath curtains. Pick them with pockets. These extra storage places can provide space for shampoo, soaps and also bath sinks. This way you can easily reach your bathroom necessities when bathing. Mildug-resistant bathroom shower curtain ideas with pockets come in a wide range of colors and prints. You can choose plain, solid color or go funkier with graphics and prints. Design possibilities are endless.


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